Second edition of Radiology Conference will discuss trauma and sport

05/11/2017 19:12

Considered the largest event on Diagnosis and Image Intervention in the Valley of São Francisco, the Petrolina AMMO Institute, which aims to foster the continuing education of health professionals through diagnostic teaching and the Wine Image Club, connect the radiology at the II Multidisciplinary South American Radiology Day of the Valley.

The meeting of professionals, students and big names in the panel of speakers in its first edition in November 2016 was attended by more than 250 congressmen and support from more than 15 important companies and brands of the regional and national scenario.

With a focus on academic / scientific development, as well as stimulating Continuing Education in constant improvement, the 2nd edition of the Radiology Day of the Valley, which will take place on November 11 (Saturday) from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, will count on the participation of important distinguished names of Radiology of several regions of Brazil and the Americas, which are: Adonis Manzella (Recife); Darwin Fernandez (Lima, Peru); Perrc Antônio (São Paulo); Alécio Brasileiro (Salvador); Fernando Mesquita (São Paulo); Ygor Barbosa (Paraíba); Thales Saad (Rio de Janeiro) and Armando de Abreu (Porto Alegre, RS).

Dr. Américo Mota, coordinator of the event and imaging specialist Dr. Américo Mota, says that the moment is dedicated to physiotherapists, physical educators, orthopedists, general practitioners and radiologists.

"In this second meeting we will discuss traumas, including the amateur and professional sports area, such as knee ligament injuries, motor rehabilitations, several head to toe joints and also covering the Paralympic sport, will be a Rio-level event - São Paulo, with renowned names from Brazil and abroad, being invited professionals from various areas of the region", he said.

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