Trauma in sport is the theme of the Second Radiology Conference, tomorrow in Petrolina

10/11/2017 19:12

The 2nd South American International Multidisciplinary Radiology Conference will take place this Saturday (11), at Senac de Petrolina, from 7am to 6pm. This year's theme is "Trauma in Sport". The event, considered the largest in the area of ??diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in the region, focuses on academic / scientific development and stimulates Continuing Education.

"We will discuss the traumatology in a broad way, involving practically all the joints, with several colleagues from Brazil and Professor Darwin Fernandez, from Peru. We will show news and diagnoses in the context of trauma, especially trauma in sports, "explains the organizer of the event, Américo Mota. "The journey is focused on health professionals, especially on diagnostic imaging," he points out.

The national highlights of the program are the speakers Adonis Manzella (Recife); Perrc Antônio (São Paulo); Alécio Brasileiro (Salvador); Fernando Mesquita (São Paulo); Ygor Barbosa (Paraíba); Thales Saad (Rio de Janeiro), Armando de Abreu (Porto Alegre, RS). Local names such as Anderson Armstrong, Paulo Adriano and Danilo Sobreira, are also on schedule. Published on