II South American International Radiology Conference is held in Petrolina

10/11/2017 18:30

The city of Petrolina, in the Sertão of Pernambuco, receives next Saturday (11) the II South American International Multidisciplinary Radiology Day of the Valley. This year, the theme is "Trauma in Sport". The Journey is considered the largest event for diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in the São Francisco Valley. The event counts on the partnership of the Sistema Jornal do Commércio Interior (SJCC Interior).

The organization expects to receive more than 150 people. Names of Brazil and the Americas will speak at the event. The highlights of the program are Adonis Manzella (Recife); Darwin Fernandez (Lima, Peru); Perrc Antônio (São Paulo); Alécio Brasileiro (Salvador); Fernando Mesquita (São Paulo); Ygor Barbosa (Paraíba); Thales Saad (Rio de Janeiro), Armando de Abreu (Porto Alegre, RS). Local names such as Anderson Armstrong, Paulo Adriano and Danilo Sobreira, are also on schedule.

The event will be from 7am to 6pm at Senac Petrolina and will be attended by physicians, physiotherapists, physical educators, radiology technicians, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, nurses, imaging specialists and students.

According to the organizer of the event, the doctor Américo Mota, the imaging tests play an essential role in the early diagnosis of trauma. "Any professional or amateur athlete who trains frequently and intensely is susceptible to injury, especially those who perform their training without proper preparation. All these musculoskeletal and ligament injuries can be as a result of trauma or excessive work on the muscles, significantly affecting the muscles, tendons and bone structures of the affected region.Therefore, the multidisciplinary debate on traumatology is a key part of the success of early treatment and rehabilitation of these athletes, "he said.

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