And now? I'm going to do a MRI

02/08/2017 21:32

Whenever we take an exam we ask: what is the preparation? What should we do?

During the magnetic resonance study, nothing metallic is allowed. So you can leave jewelry, watches, cell phones at home. Even cosmetic products the ideal is not to use them, especially some makeup that "contains some metals" in the composition and can impair the quality of the exam ("artifacts").

So before entering the room, remove bags, wristbands, wallets, credit cards, clips, coins, watches, jewelry, cell phones, hearing aids, keys, pens, hairpins, shoes, buckled belts, clothes with metallic items (zippers, buttons, hooks).

Before performing the examination, carefully complete the questionnaires and consent terms, and inform the radiology and nursing team if you have any implanted metal device that could put your health at risk, such as: implanted pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, neurostimulation system, aneurysm clip, metal implant, implanted drug infusion device, foreign metal objects, especially if inside or near the eye; shrapnel or "bullet"; permanent cosmetics or tattoos; dentures or prosthetics; other implants involving magnets; transdermal medication containing metal foil.

If you have difficulty explaining any of the items, it is recommended that you ask for a report from the doctor who implanted such a metal device. Ideally, you should bring a copy of the manufacturer's document, as some of them (the more modern ones) may be compatible resonance, but others are not, and within the resonance can put your life at risk.

Do not forget the resonance is an extraordinary "magnet" with power up to 300,000 times greater than the Earth's field!

If you are pregnant , talk to your obstetrician first and consult the radiologist / pharmacologist you trust!

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